Welcome to "Montgolfières de Falaise"
(Normandy, France)

Come and enjoy an exceptional air experience with amazing views ….
Your first hot-air balloon flight will be unforgettable.
A breathtaking experience !

You will fly where the wind takes you , fly silently over the landscapes at a light height.
Amazement , admiration or imagination for the more romantics !
An opportunity to learn the mechanisms of flight , the geography of the landscapes , the weather forecast….Our “Juliette- Romeo “ will bring you over the norman landscapes in a coloured kaleidoscope.
For meteorological reasons , the flights take place at dawn or an hour and a half before sunset. In the morning or in the evening and according to the seasons every flight is different …It is up to you to tell us your preference and we will try to come up to your expectations. Travelling with the winds ( especially in Normandy ) sometimes means moving quickly . That is why some days will be more suited to young sportsmen or sportswomen willing to enjoy difficult conditions whereas other days will be more like a travel on a flying carpet.


On the day of the flight , you have to allow 3 or 4 hours with us including 1 hour for the flight itself .
In order to enjoy a flight with the best conditions of pleasure and safety , it is essential to get the best meteorological conditions ( a bit windy, sunny and no rain ) . Those ones are not optimum every day that is why we have to get in touch with you the days or hours before the flight . Unfortunately , if the weather was too bad to do a safe flight we would be obliged to cancel it and have another appointment on a following day.


Montgolfieres de Falaise is an association .In this setting we would like to share with you our aerostatic experience and above all our pleasure of flying . We are at your disposal before , during and after the flight to answer any question .
We , the 3 pilots, of this association like nice equipment and small groups so we have chosen to take only 3 passengers on board.
Aerostation is bringing up a mass at one height in an environment submitted to changing pressures and temperatures. For that purpose , we have prepared a questionnaire in order to handle our flights the best way and assure your comfort. For example , we need to know your weight ( it will remain as confidential as ours ! )


What am I going to wear ?

Flying in a hot-air balloon is like going for a walk but 500 meters higher ( you must allow 5° less ). So you have to put on warm trekking clothes. However, we advise you to wear walking or ankle shoes ( compulsory ) , trousers , caps , sunglasses, cover your arms( with cotton or natural fibres ) and tight your hair.

Who can fly ?

People suffering from vertigo don’t have to worry: not having your feet on the ground will simply avoid the vertigo effect .
Children being less than 1, 30m and expectant women are not allowed to go on board .

On the ground ?

During our trip , our Land- Rover ( and its driver / pilot ) is following us with the trailer…to welcome you at your arrival. Then he will bring you back to your car left at the meeting point ( safe place for people and properties ) .
If your fan-club wants to get into the car , be nice to advise us the day before to be sure there are enough seats left.
One of your people could also be asked to follow our 4x4 during our trip.
Finally , if you prefer , the driver of your “ Limousine “could follow our Land-Rover , pick you up at your arrival in order that you can leave after the ”toast “.


Flights take place on the surroundings of Falaise and its castle.
It is possible to fly wherever you want , why not above a landscape you are fond of. In that case , you have to book the basket exclusively .
You need the permission of the owner of a big grassy field , a harvested culture or a waste land ( not an industrial one ). The field must be 100mx100m, flat , without any trees , animals or buildings.
One of our pilots will come and check the place a few days before the flight . Costs of reconnaissance and transportation to the take off area will be at your own expense at 0.681 euros per km . We will check there are no contraindications with the large and restrictive air rules.


We actually are an aeronautical association approved by the general department of the civil aviation.
Professional insurances have been subscribed in order to fly all along the year and offer you the best covers ( for passengers ) in total peace and quiet. It is also possible to buy your flight on credit or take your own private insurance.
All our pilots have a specific training in piloting hot-air balloons and get a pilot’s licence and degree. One of them has logged more than 3000 flying hours and is one of the French top ten pilots that have the most air time ; the two others are also gliding pilots.
Each pilot of our association flies more than 150 hours per year to ensure your safety.
Have a good flight !


The prices include the preparation to the flight , inflating , the flight itself and also the drink offered to the aeronaut at the landing as well as the return to the place you have left your car .
- The cheque has to be sent with your booking . Available during 18 months after your payment .
- We will get in touch with you in order to set a suitable date .
- As we are an association , we would appreciate your participation and would welcome your physical help to the extent of your abilities.


-Name and Surname :
- Address:
- Phone number : Mobile :
Home phone :
-Mail address :

If you are not the person making the flight

Name and surname of the person taking part to the flight:
His / her address :
His / Her phone number : Mobile :
Home phone:
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Would you like a present voucher directly sent to the person ? Yes / No
- Height and weight of the passenger :
Year of birth :
Preference : evening or morning .

Montgolfières de Falaise, 2 avenue d’ Hastings. 14700 Falaise
www. M111.fr/ 06 61 410 111 and 02 31 407 903
Also on Facebook : Montgolfières de Falaise